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Open Carriage Appeal

The ever-popular Open Carriages on the Talyllyn Railway are in need of replacement

One of the great pleasures of riding on the Talyllyn Railway is the Open Carriages that were originally builtin the 1950's as a quick and easy way to cater for the increasing numbers of passengers flocking to the Talyllyn Railway.

Adding an Open Carriage to the front of a train at Wharf.  Photo: Ian Drummond

Since then, riding through the Fathew Valley in an Open Carriage has been a favourite experience enjoyed by passengers both young and old, two-legged and four

Dogs standing sentinel at Abergynolwyn during the Refreshment Break - Photo Di Drummond

The Open Carriages are popular in all weathers!

Brolly Up! at Dolgoch - Photo: Andrew Young

However, they are now reaching the end of their lives, so we are replacing them with new carriages. The first of which is now under construction and will hopefully enter service in 2020.

A G-clamp farm! The new chassis for open Carriage 24 under construction.  Photo: Chris Smith


The four open carriages will be rebuilt with a fully refurbished chassis, comprising new wheels, axles and roller bearing axle boxes. We will construct completely new bodies, with a traditional appearance to match the existing carriages, but with an improved design and modern materials to reduce the level of maintenance required to maintain them. At present we are looking for approximately £30, 000 per carriage - this covers both construction and associated costs.

The framework for Carriage 24 under construction. Photo: Chris Smith.

The framework for Carriage 24 under construction. Photo: Chris Smith.

The new design will ensure our Open Carriages are fit for future generations of passengers and their dogs to enjoy the unique al fresco experience of the Fathew Valley.

The framework for Carriage 24 under construction.  Photo: Chris Smith.

Many thanks to Barbara Fuller for the cover picture.

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