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The 75 Appeal

Preserving our Past, Building Our Future

The 75 Appeal will be officially launched on 22 March 2024 with the aim of raising at least £500,000 over five years (£100,000 a year) to support our major redevelopment project.

After nearly 75 years since the Talyllyn became the World's First Preserved Railway it has become clear that in order to ensure the Railway thrives for the next 75 years we need to replace some of our facilities which have become time-expired and/or inadequate, as well as providing improved accomodation and attractions for our passengers. Therefore, we have launched the Preserving our Past, Building Our Future redevelopment the initial development phase of which is being funded by a grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

The aim of the redevelopment is to provide:

  • New engineering facilities at Tywyn Pendre.
  • New carriage storage and dedicated maintenance facilities.
  • A paint shop that can be used year round.
  • The refurbishment of the historic locomotive shed and workshop.
  • Visitor access to the original workshop area.
  • Additional and accessible Volunteer Accommodation.
  • An accessible and more visible entrance to Wharf station building.
  • Enlarged shop, cafe and meeting room facilties.
  • Additional attractions helping visitors understand our history and heritage.
  • A community engagement programme to increase the number and range of visitors.

The current plans for the three options at Pendre, the volunteer and office a accommdation for Trefri and the initial concepts for Wharf are available on the main website at: Just link the project concepts button to find them. These are all at the concept stage at the moment and none of them are the final plans.

This is an ambitious multi-phase programme to be achieved over a multi-year time period. To help fund this we are planning to submit applications for subtantial grants from the National Lottery as well as other bodies, trusts, etc. Our status as part of a World Heritage Site and also the award of development funding from the National Lottery gives us great confidence that this is achieveable but we need to partly match this from our own resources.

Therefore, we are launching the 75 Appeal to support this vital redevelopment project. As well as one off donations we need regular givers to become part of the '75 Club' of regular donors. (For regulatory reasons membership of The 75 Club is only open to those over eighteen). 

From just £5 per month, by Direct Debit, for the life of the redevelopment (estimated at 5 to 6 years), you can become a member of this group of regular monthly donors supporting the 75 Appeal and the redevelopment programme.
All members will receive the following:
• An exclusive badge and certificate of membership.
• Regular updates on the Redevelopment’s progress.
• Access to exclusive videos about the Redevelopment.
• Invitations to events where you can ‘Meet the Team’ and ask questions about what’s happening.
We also hope to be able to offer further opportunities as the Redevelopment progresses.
The 75 Club online sign up is now available to the point where people can set things up but the full Talyllyn branding for emails and bank statements is not quite in place.
This means that any Direct Direct debit set up now will appear on bank statements for the life of the debit under the name 'Stripe' but with TALYLLYN in the reference. It also means that some of the emails you will get will be in the name of Stripe rather than Talyllyn Railway. However, the money will go to Talyllyn Holdings Ltd and count towards the 75 Club and the 75 Appeal.
Some small (or not so small) print:
• All donations for club members will be via Direct Debit (to save administration costs) and will be collected on 7th of the month or next working day. You need to be over 18.
• Direct debits can be cancelled at any time.
• At the end of the redevelopment, the opportunity will be given to move to become a member of the Railway's ‘Heart of Gold’ group or cancel further donations. If no preference is expressed your donations will be transferred to the ‘Heart of Gold’ group.
If you're happy to proceed on this basis and sign up to the 75 Club of monthly regular donors you can do so here.

You can also make one-off donations on-line on this page or you can send a cheque make out to 'Talyllyn Holdings Ltd' to Tywyn Wharf station, please mark your cheque on the reverse '75 Appeal'. If you are able to 'Gift Aid' then please include one of our donation forms with your cheque. You can download one here:

All donations are to Talyllyn Holdings Ltd (Charity No. 1089053) Registered Office, Wharf Station, Neptune Road, Tywyn, LL36 9EY

In the event that the redevelopment does not proceed the monies will be used for the ongoing preservation of the Talyllyn Railway.

Any excess funds will also be used for the ongoing preservation of the Talyllyn Railway.


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